Every donation to LiveLikeCrazy.org to our Mission impacts lives, supports treatment, and supports us in making an immediate, positive difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

Because of you, we can provide free services, information and support that help to ensure that no one living with breast cancer feels alone as they navigate their way in managing the reality of this disease ~ this diagnosis.

How we help

We provide grants to help ease the financial burden of breast cancer patients. These grants are provided in assisting those in active treatment with expenses such as rent, utility bills, transportation and childcare; the very things that advocate for an individuals quality of life.

Our team’s dedicated purpose is to help patients, diagnosed with breast cancer, in navigating a variety of issues they may be facing. Thus minimizing financial stressors in a patient’s life, allowing them to focus their positive energies on healing.

Contact us at: 2LiveLikeCrazy@gmail.com or call us at: 561-797-1000

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