Sally Ann Nisberg BA, MS

Cancer is a monster. Aside from the cancer itself, a survivors greatest enemy is fear. Fear paralyzes us. It affects our thinking, our decisions, our actions, our wellbeing. My family and friends, who know and supported me through daunting tests and scans, a Triple Negative diagnosis (a highly irregular and fast growing malignant tumor), multiple surgeries, bilateral mastectomy, as well as, 6 months of chemotherapy, will tell you I appeared like a rock; Strong and determined to get through, to beat this disease and to come out stronger. I confess, internally I was a mess. I had just enough strength to “get through” and do everything it would take mentally and physically to survive.

When diagnosed, we are drafted into a space that at times is beyond our control. Yet, we need to give ourselves permission to feel safe with the information we gather, the professionals we rely on, the support we receive and the choices we need to make.

I have been a Family & Child Advocate in Palm Beach County, providing counseling and crisis intervention for over 20 years, with a comprehensive background in social services, including development, management, and organizational support.

As Founder ~ President of LiveLikeCrazy Public Charity (2010), I assist with the following:

● Consult with Oncologist, Specialist and Surgeons on best practices in assisting the breast cancer community.

● Guiding Survivor, Caregiver and Families in navigating diagnosis, pathology and treatment of breast cancer.

● Developing our organization in responding to ongoing community needs.

● Maintaining presence in earning the trust of survivors and providing a safe environment, in order to organize themselves throughout survival.

● Leading and managing organizational fundraising efforts

Our commitment, experience, skill and compassion is exactly what others need and deserve, and I encourage every survivor to “allow yourselves to trust others, feel safe enough to understand your pathology, explore your options, make decisions, and honor who you are.”

Jacquelyn Bevilacqua
Board Member

Jacquelyn, is Founder + Master Instructor at LaBarre Pilates, Wife, Mother of two and Daughter of a Breast Cancer Survivor. Every component of developing and managing her business speaks to the strengths that Jacquelyn exhibits in her commitment as a valued LiveLikeCrazy Board Member.

She dedicates her time connecting survivors with those who are currently undergoing treatments and remission, through her unique ability to detect and refer individuals to those who can assist with necessary resources.

Jacqueline believes, as a community, the only way to better one and others during the hardest times,  is to support, communicate, share and love hard.

Blanche Napolean
Board Member

My Mission: To help and support patients and families that are dealing with Cancer.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November 2006, had a mastectomy followed by 8 chemo treatments and 6 weeks of radiation. However, the cancer returned in early January 2008 and I chose to have a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I have had 7 surgeries, at least 10 MRI’s and several CT and PET scans, all due to my breast cancer.  I know the fear and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis, and the need for love and support from family, friends and organizations, as you embark and continue on your cancer journey.  I was fortunate to have family and friends and excellent Health Insurance and Benefits, that made my fight for survival, much easier than many others.

With Over 35 years in Fashion Industry leading in Management, Design, Merchandising and Product Development,  and over 10 years in Charity Work with Non-Profit Organizations focusing on fund raising for Cancer Research, has given me a great advantage and knowledge in working closely and intimately with people.

I have counseled many women through their journeys, as well as, had the honor of being a guest speaker at several Breast Cancer seminars. I want to continue to help others navigate through their cancer journeys and challenges.